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Price: $695.00
Product ID : 14652
Manufacturer: Leica




PRODUCT # 14652



The Leica Macro-Adapter-M is placed between the camera and M-mount lens to increase the lens-to-sensor distance and achieve maximum reproduction ratios up to 1:2 for close-up shooting. Its design incorporates a helical screw system, which can be used to vary the adapter's extension length between 0.7-1.2" for greater flexibility in setting a closer focusing distance than the lens natively allows as well as increasing the reproduction ratio. The adapter is designed for use on Leica cameras featuring a live view function (such as the M Typ 240) and lenses with focal lengths greater than 28mm.

Increases lens-to-sensor distance, shortens minimum focusing distance, and helps to achieve greater reproduction ratios for close-up shooting.
Helical system permits a variable extension length between 0.7-1.2".
Specifically designed for the Leica Macro-Elmar-M 90mm f/4 lens, this adapter provides a 1:2 reproduction ratio, with a minimum focusing distance of 16.1", and infinity focusing can be maintained with the lens in its collapsed position.
When used on lenses with focal lengths of at least 50mm, reproduction ratios of 1:2 can be achieved. With wider lenses, larger ratios are possible. It is not recommended for use on lenses with focal lengths wider than 28mm.
Compatible with Leica M cameras featuring a live view function, such as the M Typ 240.


The Macro-Adapter-M offers the following benefits:
• Compatible with other M lenses
• Offers photographers wider range of opportunities for creative composition & variety in reportage portfolios
• Enables macro photography up to a reproduction ratio of 1:2 with Leica lenses from 50 mm and longer, and with
wide-angle lenses, even larger ratios
• Adapter’s variable extension allows photographer to set any distance from 41 cm (reproduction ration 1:2) to infinity
without dismounting the adapter

Can the new Macro-Adapter-M be used with the M9, M8 or analog cameras?
No. The Macro-Adapter-M is designed to be used with the Leica M(Typ 240). When the adpater is attached to a
camera, live view is required for focusing and for pictorial design. The adapter has no connection to the rangefinder.

Can the new Macro-Elmar-M be used with the M9, M8 or analog cameras?
Yes, this lens can be used for classic rangefinder photography to a close focusing distance up to 0.8 m

Will the existing Macro-Set M (cat. #11629) still be available?
Yes, because the new Macro-Adapter-M is only compatible with the Leica M (Typ 240). The Macro-Set M consists of
another Macro-Elmar-M 90mm/f4 and another Macro-Adapter-M with rangefinder optics. Hence, it is compatible
with rangefinder cameras like the Leica M-E and M Monochrom and will stay in the product lineup.

Are the two new products available as a set?
No, both products are available only as separate products, catalog #11670 & #14652.

What is the difference between the Macro-Elmar M which is part of the current Macro-Set M and the new
Both lenses are based on the same optical design, but the lens mechanics have the following differences:
• The ‘old’ Macro-Elmar M has a second focusing scale on the rear for the usage of the ‘old’ Macro-Adapter-M with
rangefinder optics. The new lens does not have this kind of scale.
• The new Macro-Elmar M can be used retracted to provide focusing to infinity without having to detach the Macro-
Adapter M. This only works with the new Macro-Adapter-M.
• The aperture ring of the new lens has a larger diameter for better ergonomics when being used retracted. Therefore
the lens hood cannot be locked in the reverse position for transportation.

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